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€ 17.50

Kids size

€ 20.- 

Adult size

The FS T-shirt, 115 words on a ball that describe our amazing sport Freestyle Football. - Guido van Moorselaar


The FS t-shirt is 100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton 155 GSM.

The FS T-shirt is available in kids and adult sizes. Below you can find all the measurements. 
Make SURE you pick the right size. I CANNOT refund or exchange your T-shirt.


Kids size


 Adult size

Shipping cost

Mailbox post Netherlands (No Track & Trace code): € 2.75
Mailbox post International (No Track & Trace code): € 5.75

Registered mailbox post Netherlands (With Track & Trace code): € 7.95
Registered mailbox post Europe (With Track & Trace code): € 11.00
Registered mailbox post International (With Track & Trace code): € 16.00


When you have ordered the FS T-shirt you will receive a confirmation email in 48 hours.
In this email you will get the information for the bank transfer.
You HAVE TO fulfill your payment in 48 hours after the confirmation email! If not, your pre-order will NOT be registered. 

The FS T-shirt can only be bought by pre-ordering it! 
You will be able to do this until the 4th of September 2015.
After this date there will be no more possibility for you to buy this shirt, so make sure you place your order before the due date.

AT The end of September I will send the FS T-shirt to you!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:


Pre-Order the FS t-shirt

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For more info about the sizes, check out the size chart above. Make sure you pick the right size. I cannot refund or exchange your T-shirt.
More info about this, check out the shipping cost box above.